Revisiting 1977’s toy-less first ‘Star Wars’ Christmas

Yahoo look back to the first Star Wars Christmas of 1977.

R2-KT Subscribers update: 2017 Imperial Christmas patch.

R2-KT bring us their latest patch, the 2017 Imperial Christmas patch.

Stunning RC Podracer’s at Leipzig Model Hobby Spiel Fair

Check out this amazing video of these custom made RC Podracer's as observed by RC Media World at the Leipzig Model Hobby Spiel Fair.

Facebook, Fitbit, ILM, Instagram, Twitter, Google and Lucasfilm Join Forces With littleBits to Inspire...

Lucasfilm announce a global competition that gives fans and families the chance to submit their droid creations.

New products from Moleskine

New Moleskine products hit the high street.

Weta become licensed Star Wars prop replica vendor

Weta Workshop, the prop makers on the Peter Jackson Tolkien films have secured a license for Star Wars prop replicas. Spark your style with Po-Zu Resistance badge sneakers takes a look at the freshly released Po-Zu Resistance badge sneakers.

Topps: ‘Star Wars’ Countdown to ‘The Last Jedi’: Fathier handler

The 9th card in the Countdown to The Last Jedi series is here.

Christian Louboutin Star Wars inspired shoes

Take a closer look at this range of Christian Louboutin Star Wars inspired shoes. Fully Operational Fandom: Desmond’s creative ‘Star Wars’ themed bedroom

Young Desmond and his Star Wars bedroom is the focus of the latest Fully Operational Fandom.

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