Some light relief as anticipation for The Last Jedi intensifies

As the countdown for The Last Jedi hots up, and the tension builds it is always good to have a little bit of light relief. Today that comes from Jimmy Fallon, and the characters of Star Wars singing the pop classic MMMBop!

Science and ‘Star Wars’: Bacta Tanks and Carbonite

Join Anthony for the latest episode of Science and Star Wars.

The Metro: What could Rian Johnson’s new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy focus on?

What area of the galaxy will Rian Johnson’s new Star Wars trilogy focus on?

Phil Lord and Chris Miller discuss ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Phil Lord and Chris Miller discuss their time on Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Feel the Force in IMAX 15/70mm at Science Museum London

Feel the Force in IMAX and see The Last Jedi at the Science Museum in London.

The Last Jedi Droid School Featurette

Check out a featurette from The Last Jedi as Anthony Daniels trains the droid waiters of Canto Bight.

The Last Jedi aiming for $215m US opening weekend

The Last Jedi looks set to post a US opening weekend figure of $215m. The Playlist: A guide to scary ‘Star Wars’ tales

Bryan Young returns on Halloween with the latest spooky edition of The Playlist.

So, ‘The Star Wars Holiday Special’ made it to 39

The Star Wars Holiday Special made it to 39.

Empire reveals it’s The Last Jedi subscriber cover, and it includes Porgs!

The January edition of Empire magazine hits newsstands this Thursday (30th November 2017) and it is of course a huge celebration of all things Star Wars, and The Last Jedi.

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