Guardian of the Whills Teaser Trailer

Revel in the awesomeness of the Guardian of the Whills teaser trailer.

How We Choose To Fight – “In the Name of the Rebellion” Preview

In this preview of the Star Wars Rebels episode "In the Name of the Rebellion," Mon Mothma clashes with rebel extremist Saw Gerrera.

‘The Last Jedi’ dominating social media buzz

The Last Jedi is dominating the social media buzz. Watch The Last Jedi red carpet live on

Watch The Last Jedi red carpet activity live on

Hamill surprised at the changes in Luke Skywalker

CinemaBlend sat down with Mark Hamill to discuss The Last Jedi, and learnt about his reaction on first reading the script. The change in Luke Skywalker surprised Hamill...

‘The Last Jedi’ screenings at Pinewood Studios

Book your tickets now for The Last Jedi screenings at Pinewood Studios.

BT – Great TV brings us Closer

Check out this BT advert, with a Star Wars twist.

This week on ‘The Star Wars Show’ – Battlefront II’s T.J. Ramini, Star Wars:...

The Star Wars Show talk with Kathleen Kennedy -- president of Lucasfilm -- on everything happening in Star Wars right now and in the future, debut the first gameplay footage of Kylo Ren in Star Wars Battlefront II, and visit Funko headquarters.

Daisy Ridley on Good Morning America

Daisy Ridley appeared on this mornings edition of Good Morning America talking all things Star Wars and The Last Jedi.

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