‘Star Wars Insider: Icons of the Galaxy’

Star Wars Insider: Icons of the Galaxy is heading our way from Titan magazines.

A ‘Star Wars’ Comic #10: Echoes

A Star Wars Comic #10 takes us to Echo Base in Echoes.

Daisy Ridley cried when J.J. Abrams returned for Episode 9

Daisy Ridley cried when J.J. Abrams returned to the big chair for episode 9.

Latest solicitations from Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics bring us their latest solicitations.

Star Wars Insider #177: Exclusive – free ‘Star Wars Destiny’ cards revealed

Take a first look at the 2 exclusive free Destiny cards available with Star Wars Insider #177.

Raise a glass of galactic wine to this excerpt from ‘Star Wars: Canto Bight’

The latest excerpt for Canto Bight arrives over at EW. a guide to every The Last Jedi book released between now and 15th...

James Floyd looks at the many The Last Jedi books released between now and 15th December.

The Empire of ‘Star Wars’ video games

Help crowdfund The Empire of Star Wars Video games book.

Rolling Stone: Jedi Confidential: Inside the Dark New ‘Star Wars’ Movie

Rolling Stone looks at the production of The Last Jedi.

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