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I was fortunate enough to be invited to the 45th Cinema Jam down in London last Monday, where the feature guest was Rogue One editor Colin Goudie.

It was a fascinating evening, specifically for industry insiders (so no camera’s or audio) that allowed Colin to go into the intricacies of editing for television, film, drama’s and documentaries.

Back in June this year Colin was the guest of  Soundstage events in Stoke Newington, and here’s a look at the conversation held on that night courtesy of Film Editing Pro.

FEP: At what stage did you start working on Rogue One?

CG: I started working on the story reel for Rogue One in 2014. One mistake I commonly see writers make is inserting a sentence into the script such as: ‘shuttle lands on planet‘ but they don’t account for the fact that it takes a lot longer on screen than just reading that sentence. So, the idea was to use other films to see how long the action scenes last. It’s a very good mental exercise to time out the script properly.

I went to Lucasfilm and started ripping off scenes from as many films as I could. Then I got some concept artists feeding in sketches and I’d add that on the screen too. At Lucasfilm I also had access to all the John William archives. This story reel was designed for Gareth – nobody will ever see it!

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