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The Times interview Mark Hamill, bringing a conversation full of irreverence, Carrie Fisher stories, weight loss, training and much, much more.

Anyway, here we are in a hotel room with a Disney minder taking notes in the corner. Who would probably have to kill me if Hamill gave away too much of the plot of The Last Jedi (but you’re reading this, so he didn’t). I start with a glaringly obvious question: how does it feel to be the founder of a global religion — the faith of the Force, with its Jedi priesthood?

“When I first read the script [of A New Hope], I thought it was a really unique way of addressing spirituality — the Force, the ideas of the Force. Sometimes it [religion] makes people a little wary, it’s not a comfortable subject, and this energy that binds us all together can be interpreted in any way you want. So I thought, ‘That’s a really clever way to allow people to address that side of themselves.’ Now the idea of it becoming a real religion… I don’t know what to make of that.”

It’s a great read, and to check out the full article register to The Times and enjoy.

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