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Tom Spina conducted his Reddit AMA this past Friday, answering questions about his career which includes plenty of great Star Wars mentions.

Click here to read the whole AMA.

Not-A-Replicant: Hi Tom – your Cantina panel at the latest Celebration was one of the best con panels I’ve ever attended. Loved hearing the depth to which you’ve explored this scene. Have you ever had any interest in doing a similar panel for Jabba’s palace? If they ever do an update to the classic creatures documentary – you and Pablo would be great hosts!

Tom Spina: Thank you so much! We LOVE doing those panels. It’s so much fun digging into that scene. As for Jabba’s – Pablo and I (along with the crazy talented and super fun Kirk Thatcher) did a Jabba’s Palace panel at Salt Lake Comic Con in September and it was a blast! Hoping to do another for the next SW Celebration. Thanks again!

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