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For the release of The Force Awakens in Hong Kong LEGO created an amazing up-scaled Star Wars display of some of their current kits at the time. The event was so successful, that they have returned with a similar exhibit for The Last Jedi.

Friends of Fantha Tracks and part of the Farthest From Team, Andrew and Jennifer Karnecki have just paid a visit to the new exhibit and provided up with these amazing images.

We at Kwun Tong in the APM Mall, in Hong Kong, for Lego Star Wars The Last Jedi upscaled display preparing the count down to the movies release. The atmosphere is amazing and the displays are fantastic but not quite finished for the public to get up close and personal.

Dave Tree
Dave Tree has been an active participant in the UK collecting and fan community for a number of years and was the brains behind the fondly remembered Palitoy Archive at 2007's Celebration Europe. The owner of All The Cool Stuff Dave had been a panelist at Star Wars Celebration, was a member of Caravan of the Force which journeyed to Essen with Jeremy Bulloch and is the co-host of Making Tracks on Fantha Tracks Radio.