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Over at StarWars.com, IDW Publishing artist Elsa Charretier and co-writer Pierrick Colinet sat down and emailed the official site, answering questions about IDW’s Leia focused Forces of Destiny comic.

StarWars.com: What’s your creative process like when you sat down to collaborate as co-writers on this comic? Can you walk us through how you decided to write together and how you fold ideas from both of you into the finished work?

Elsa Charretier: The idea of co-writing together came pretty naturally when we were doing the first volume of The Infinite Loop. I was drawing the interiors, and this book required so much synergy between script and art — we used the time-travel set up to play with storytelling — that we began to develop the scenes together. Later on, as I started working on other books, we still felt the need to collaborate and decided to stick together on the writing part!

Pierrick Colinet: We’ve been working together for a few years so by now it’s a pretty well-oiled machine. Usually, I’ll have the spark of an idea, a concept or even simply a character. From there we talk about it a lot, pulling the idea apart, developing, and making sure there’s a book there. What are the characters’ goals and needs, what or who comes in the way of said goals… It’s a lot of staring at a post-its-covered wall, really. When that step is finished, I’ll handle the first draft while Elsa will draw interior for another book, and we go back at it together to do a second draft. And a third, and a fourth… As many needed to get the voices right and make sure we/the characters get their point across.

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