In episode thirty-eight, the hosts react to some as-of-yet unconfirmed Star Wars feature film news uncovered by our friends at Find out who’s seeing Solo when. And hear the store report from the Mythic Legions in stock sale. In the news YakFace revealed a new Black Series deluxe Stormtrooper with battle damage paint and explosion effects. If you’re still looking for The Vintage Collection wave one, it’s now available on An SH Figuarts Iron Man MK-7 teaser has been making the rounds. Black Series Admiral Piett will be an online exclusive. And Mezco announced their first Marvel Netflix figure, John Bernthal’s Punisher. Email the show at or call 413-337-1138 with chat topics and news you’d like the hosts to discuss. The feature vehicle this week is SH Figuarts Sith Speeder. Hear Bill, Chris, and Larry’s impressions on the latest episode of the DorkLair!

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