A number of Fantha Trackers were fortunate enough to see The Last Jedi in the States and attend the press screening and Royal Premiere in the UK.

Mark has already posted his review on Fantha Tracks, as well as in The Birmingham Mail and the Lichfield Mercury and Starburst magazine while Chris Daly posted his review from the States right here on Fantha Tracks.

Here are some of the views of other Fantha Trackers.

Andrew Walker

So, without getting carried away with the red carpet premier and the hype, what do I think of The Last Jedi? Well, as always, it’s all a bit of a blur. The first time I see any Star Wars movie I get overwhelmed. There is always so much to see, a story to follow and, of course, a soundtrack to listen to. The Last Jedi is no different, so I can’t wait for the second viewing to take it all in. Roll on midnight.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film. There are plot twists aplenty, a lot of humour and the development of a few of the characters is great. On the downside, I think they could have done more with a couple of the new characters, some of the jokes were a bit forced and, every now and again, the special effects were a bit shabby. My biggest complaint is the obvious nudges and winks to the original trilogy. The very last scene will be very familiar to anyone who has seen those, and do we really need yet another scene with the Millennium Falcon being chased down a narrow passage by a bunch of TIE Fighters?

If I have to give it a score, I’ll go with 7 out of 10 but I think that will increase with further viewing when I can just sit back and enjoy it without all the first night jitters.

Martin Keeler

Wow – my first thoughts are that this is a film that answers many more questions than I thought it would and cannot have the criticism of a re-hash that some have levelled at The Force Awakens.

It’s not perfect but when it gets it right, it really gets it right.  The best news is that, in my opinion it gets it right a lot!  The fact that I am as excited to see it again as much I was the first time tells you a lot about how I feel about this film.

I genuinely cannot guess what will happen next in the saga and that is exactly the feeling I want.  Well done to all involved, you made some bold choices and that is something that should be applauded!

Clair Henry

People who love Star Wars have a thing, their go to thing they like or do. Mine is simply this.…

Watching the movies, I couldn’t tell you the ins and outs of the characters, scenes or quote numerical facts but what I can say is watching the movies or having them in the background while I’m doing something is my thing. The question is does The Last Jedi do this? Will it go on my go to watch list?

The answer quite simply put is yes!

From the start all the way through the two and a half hours I was captivated, not only by the plot and its twists and turns but by the characters and the humour. Having come out of a bad year for Star Wars fans after losing Carrie Fisher you can’t help but think this humour comes partly from her.

I’m sure inevitable holes and gripes will rise from people but for me it was a great send off for a wonderful actress and Star Wars hero!

It´s a 10 from Clair

Carl Bayliss

Two very eventful Star Wars years since The Force Awakens and I settled down in nearly the same seat to see where the next instalment of the saga would take us. My chosen venue for a midnight screening was my local Odeon, which for the last two films has been a buzzing hive of activity and anticipation, with cosplayers, face painting and tie-in merchandise (drinks cups and ‘toppers’, metal popcorn buckets etc) – but alas there was nothing, leading to a more muted atmosphere in the foyer as fans converged.

As with both The Force Awakens and 2016’s Rogue One I went through a rollercoaster of emotions in the run up to midnight, best summed up by the final line in Kyle Newman’s must-watch film ‘Fanboys’ – “What if it sucks?”.

Come midnight and we rolled into the series of adverts and trailers, so it was nearer 25 past midnight by the time we got to the BBFC certificate (which I’m sure used to be met with cheers years ago) and those immortal words “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”. Cue John Williams fanfare and we were off, for two and half hours of frolics in the galactic playground we have loved for the last 40 years.

The film delivers on so many levels, the space battles are space battle-y, the action is action-y, the dialogue is not cringeworthy and the comedy is funny, well-timed but never over used. Most of all, given the unfortunate passing of Carrie Fisher after filming had completed, the emotional ride that this movie takes you on, both in terms of plot and the subconscious knowledge that, save for any potential cameo in Episode 9, this is the last time we will see our Princess portrayed by the actress who brought her in to our lives back in 1977.

I’ve already read several comments where people have put The Last Jedi to the top of their favourite Star Wars films list, and I’m not currently sure if I can do the same. As British comedian Frank Skinner said recently, if you meet someone and like them straight away then you’ll probably drift apart after a few months, but the people you need to meet several times before they become a friend will result in a much stronger bond. I’m hoping the same is true of The Last Jedi as it has all the ingredients to be a life-long, true friend.

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