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Hamill surprised at the changes in Luke Skywalker

CinemaBlend sat down with Mark Hamill to discuss The Last Jedi, and learnt about his reaction on first reading the script. The change in Luke Skywalker surprised Hamill...

Mark Hamill discusses the legacy of Star Wars

Head on over to Parade as Mark Hamill discusses the legacy of Star Wars and his experiences with the saga over the past forty years. I love the multigenerational appeal of the movies. Kids who grew...

Mark Hamill’s appearance on The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration

Check out Mark Hamill's appearance on The Wonderful World of Disney: Magic Holiday Celebration.

Mark Hamill was left stunned by The Last Jedi script

Mark Hamill talked to Good Morning America about the upcoming film, The Last Jedi revealing his shocked reaction to the script of the fim.

The Times interview Mark Hamill

The Times interview Mark Hamill ahead of The Last Jedi.

Mark Hamill at MidAmeriCon 1976

MidAmeriCon II in 1976 saw Mark Hamill, Gary Kurtz and Charlie Lippincott discuss Star Wars.

May The Sauce Be With You: Friday Night Feasts returns tonight on Channel 4

Friday Night Feasts returns to Channel 4 tonight, featuring Unkar Plutt himself Simon Pegg.

15th December’s The Graham Norton Show is a MUST watch

The Graham Norton Show on December 15th is a must-watch episode.

Mark Hamill needed some time alone with the Millennium Falcon

Mark Hamill needed some alone time with the GFFA's greatest ship.

Batuu added to the Databank

The Databank gives us a closer look at Batuu, the new world from Star Tours and Galaxy's Edge.

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