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Fantha Tracks exclusive: Rian Johnson confirms Space Gary Fisher exists!

The Last Jedi director confirms that Space Gary Fisher exists.

No Knights of the Old Republic trilogy for Rian Johnson

There will be no Knights of the Old Republic trilogy coming from Rian Johnson.

Rian Johnson makes plans for a new Star Wars trilogy

Rian Johnson makes plans for a new Star Wars trilogy.

Resistance is Cutile! Porgs are taking over Twitter

There's no doubt about it, Porgs are taking over Twitter.

Rian Johnson talks briefly about his new trilogy

At the recent Mexico The Last Jedi event, Rian Johnson was asked about his sequel trilogy plans.  Check out the video in the post for his guarded response.

‘Star Wars The Last Jedi’ Paris press conference with Rian Johnson and Ram Bergman

Rian Johnson and Ram Bergamn held court last week at a Paris press conference for The Last Jedi.

The Metro: What could Rian Johnson’s new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy focus on?

What area of the galaxy will Rian Johnson’s new Star Wars trilogy focus on?

The Star Wars Show gives all the scoop on the new Star Wars trilogy...

Lucasfilm has announced a brand new Star Wars trilogy is being created by Rian Johnson.

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