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StarWars.com: a guide to every The Last Jedi book released between now and 15th...

James Floyd looks at the many The Last Jedi books released between now and 15th December.

StarWars.com: Watch The Last Jedi red carpet live on StarWars.com

Watch The Last Jedi red carpet activity live on StarWars.com.

StarWars.com: Paul Shipper and his The Last Jedi theatrical poster

StarWars.com talk to Paul Shipper about his The Last Jedi theatrical poster.

StarWars.com: Check out the bold new The Last Jedi pop icon posters

StarWars.com take a look at this series of vibrant The Last Jedi pop icon posters with creatures, droids, weapons, vehicles and clothing featured. While StarWars.com isn’t a museum, you can consider this a pop art exhibit. This...

StarWars.com: Fully Operational Fandom: Desmond’s creative ‘Star Wars’ themed bedroom

Young Desmond and his Star Wars bedroom is the focus of the latest Fully Operational Fandom.

StarWars.com: Spark your style with Po-Zu Resistance badge sneakers

StarWars.com takes a look at the freshly released Po-Zu Resistance badge sneakers.

StarWars.com: Audio clip from ‘Canto Bight’

Meet Lexo Sooger, masseur with a twist in an audio clip from Canto Bight.

StarWars.com: The making of ‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’

StarWars.com take a look at the making of Battlefront 2.

StarWars.com: See the rise of an Imperial mastermind in Thrawn #1 – special preview

Thrawn is back in a 6 part adaptation of the recent novel.

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