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StarWars.com: a guide to every The Last Jedi book released between now and 15th...

James Floyd looks at the many The Last Jedi books released between now and 15th December.

Disney’s latest The Last Jedi teaser

The Last Jedi is just a few short days away and more teasers arrive.

StarWars.com: Watch The Last Jedi red carpet live on StarWars.com

Watch The Last Jedi red carpet activity live on StarWars.com.

This week on ‘The Star Wars Show’ – the Cast of The Last Jedi,...

In this installment of The Star Wars Show - the cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and director Rian Johnson, Droid School, a new AR experience in the Star Wars app, and more!

The Last Jedi TV Spot: ‘On The Set With Rey’

'On The Set With Rey' takes us behind the scenes of The Last Jedi.

Fantha Tracks exclusive: Rian Johnson confirms Space Gary Fisher exists!

The Last Jedi director confirms that Space Gary Fisher exists.

StarWars.com: Paul Shipper and his The Last Jedi theatrical poster

StarWars.com talk to Paul Shipper about his The Last Jedi theatrical poster.

The Metro: Why The Last Jedi will be so important for General Leia

A look at why the events of The Last Jedi are so key to the character of General Leia.

Feel the Force in IMAX 15/70mm at Science Museum London

Feel the Force in IMAX and see The Last Jedi at the Science Museum in London.

The Last Jedi teaser ‘It’s Now Or Never’

The latest teaser arrives, 'It's Now Or Never'

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