Taylor Gray interview in Stencil Magazine

Take a read of this Taylor Gray interview in Stencil Magazine.

Dave Filoni talks Star Wars Rebels final episodes

The Wookiee Gunner pulls together a clutch of Dave Filoni interviews, focusing on the remaining episodes of the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels.

StarWars.com: Taylor Gray on the journey of Ezra Bridger

Taylor Gray looks at the development of his character Ezra Bridger through the four years of Star Wars Rebels.

Rian Johnson talks briefly about his new trilogy

At the recent Mexico The Last Jedi event, Rian Johnson was asked about his sequel trilogy plans.  Check out the video in the post for his guarded response.

Interview with Star Wars Kirigami author Marc Hagan-Guirey

We chat with Star Wars Kirigami author Marc Hagan-Guirey about his latest release, Star Wars Kirigami.

From Different Points Of View: Philip Harrison Vazquez

This week on From Different Points of View we head to the U.S.

Charles Soule reflects on 25 issues of Poe Dameron

Charles Soule talks Poe Dameron 26 and a change in the direction of the storyline.

Laura Dern talks ‘The Last Jedi’ on Ellen

Laura Dern chats with Ellen DeGeneres about the late Carrie Fisher.

Marvel interviews Mike Mayhew about ‘The Storms of Crait’

Marvel interview Mike Mayhew about The Storms of Crait.

Star Wars Interviews: Nick Kellington AKA Snook Uccorfay

Star Wars Interviews chat with Snook Uccorfay performer Nick Kellington.

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