Highlights from the Frank Oz Reddit AMA

The Frank Oz Reddit AMA was last night, and here are the Star Wars highlights.

Fantha Tracks: TechnoRetro Dads Interview

Adam O'Brien interviews the guys behind TechnoRetro Dads, JediShua and Shazbazzar.

The Times interview Mark Hamill

The Times interview Mark Hamill ahead of The Last Jedi.

Rian Johnson talks briefly about his new trilogy

At the recent Mexico The Last Jedi event, Rian Johnson was asked about his sequel trilogy plans.  Check out the video in the post for his guarded response.

Kelly Marie Tran surprises fans in London pub

Kelly Marie Tran tells a story of pie, conversation and a meeting with fans.

Vintage Interview: Greg Bear: 23rd December 2000

Out fifth and final interview from 2000 was with author Greg Bear.

Clone Wars Conversations Ep 10: Angelique Perrin “More than a Jedi”

James Arnold Taylor catches up with Angelique Perrin - Adi Gallia - on the latest episode of Clone Wars Conversations.

My Saga: The Saga of Adam Harris

Adam O'Brien interviews Adam Harris about his forthcoming documentary My Saga.

Mark Telfer Interviews vintage action figure collector and author Javier Ruilopez.

Fantha Tracker Mark Telfer catches up with Spanish vintage action figure collector Javier Ruilopez.

Tom Spina Reddit AMA tomorrow

Ask Regal Robot's Tom Spina anything tomorrow afternoon in a Reddit AMA.

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