MCM London Comic Con 2017: Maped Helix to exhibit

Maped Helix bring their 40th anniversary Star Wars range to MCM London Comic Con.

Mark Hamill to receive Oscar Wilde Award

Mark Hamill is to be honoured at the Oscar Wilde Awards.

Seth Green to voice a character on ‘Star Wars Rebels’

Seth Green returns to animated Star Wars in next weeks new Rebels episode. Galactic Nights – Warwick Davis to host and more details revealed

Galactic Nights returns next month and Warwick Davis is your host.

Star Tours to no longer mix places and characters from different eras

The trilogies are separating on the new Star Tours.

LEGO unveil new ‘The Last Jedi’ Brickheadz 2-Pack

Kylo and Rey Brickheadz arrive in a 2-pack.

‘The Last Jedi’ to come in at 150 minutes long

The Last Jedi aims to give you maximum GFFA...and a lot of credits.

New LEGO ‘Star Wars’ images for 2018 arrive

New LEGO set images for 2018 begin to arrive across Europe.

Hot Toys Life Size ‘The Force Awakens’ Darth Vader Helmet

Hot Toys unveil their latest release, the life-size Vader helmet from The Force Awakens.

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