Mark Hamill was left stunned by The Last Jedi script

Mark Hamill talked to Good Morning America about the upcoming film, The Last Jedi revealing his shocked reaction to the script of the fim.

CWK Coffee Break: Anakin Skywalker, Revenge of the Sith, and the brilliance of George...

It's time for the third CWK Coffee Break of the week.

Vox tries to explain the Star Wars Holiday Special

As much as the creator George Lucas wants to deny, The Star Wars Holiday Special it survives in the memory of older fans.

Star Wars Meditations 2: Snoke Throneroom Scene Breakdown (Spoilers)

The gang from The Wampa's Lair bring us Star Wars Meditations episode 2.

Happy Birthday Lawrence Kasdan

Many happy returns Lawrence Kasdan.

The Last Jedi’s Throne Room Scene in Lego Stop-Motion

The Last Jedi won a new LEGO video that recreates one of the most important and amazing scenes in the movie - The Battle in Snoke's Throne Room.

Binary Suns by Caio Gaona

Check out Binary Suns by Ciao Gaona.

Fantha Tracks TV: More Star Wars films announced!

New Star Wars films are on their way, but what does Fantha Tracker Martin Keeler think of the news?

For the Sake of Fandom, Sanity, and Star Wars

Lisa over at Coffee With Kenobi takes a look at Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Behind the Magic – Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Bombing Run

Take a look at the Oscar nominated VFX ILM produced for The Last Jedi.

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