Fantasy Flight Games: Technological Revolution

Fantasy Flight Games releases Desperate Circumstances for Star Wars: The Card Game

The Star Wars The Card Game Regional Championships Are Here

Information for the Regional Championships for Star Wars: The Card Game arrive.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: ‘Legacy of the Creators’ Launch Trailer

It's time to rejoin the worlds of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Fantasy Flight Games: Preview the AT-RT Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

Fantasy Flight Games bring us the AT-RT Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion.

‘Star Wars’ Battlefront II Single Player Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is heading your way, and here's the single player video.

Forbes: In no way does ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ solve the mystery of Rey’s...

Is the mystery of Rey's parents revealed in Battlefront 2? Forbes take a look.

Fantasy Flight Games: Announcing the Snowtroopers Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

Star Wars: Legion announce the Snowtrooper Unit expansion.

EA Misses Battlefront II target, but pushes on with plans to re-introduce microtransactions

Star Wars: Battlefront II sold only nine million copies well below what was considered a conservative target by EA of ten million. The game has also struggled to reach revenue projections, which has prompted EA to confirm that microtransactions will be returning to the game.

Fantasy Flight Games: Your First Steps

Fantasy Flight Games preview two new Starter Sets for Star Wars: Destiny.

Fantasy Flight Games: Chimaera Expansion Pack available for pre-order

The Chimaera Expansion Pack arrives for Star Wars Armada.

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