Charles Soule comments on upcoming Poe Dameron #26 venturing into TFA plot

Charles Soule the writer for the ongoing Poe Dameron comic series from Marvel has commented on the upcoming #26 which crosses into the plot of The Force Awakens.

May solicitations from Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics bring us their latest solicitations for May featuring two new series, a new trade paperback and a new annual.

Blocks magazine visits the LEGO Taj Mahal in Issue 41

Blocks magazine takes a trip out to the Taj Mahal.

Last Shot blurb arrives in our galaxy

The blurb for Last Shot arrives on Amazon.

Solo: A Star Wars Story books are coming (and lots of them!)

Does anyone remember a month ago everyone was wondering where all the announcements about "Solo: A Star Wars" were? The books are here and there are a lot of them!

Nick Brokenshire – Writer and artist for Star Wars Adventures issue 9

We speak to Nick Brokenshire who has written and drawn an IG-88 story for STAR WARS ADVENTURES Issue 9.

A New Proof almost sold out!

A New Proof - a book on Kenner Artwork is nearly sold out.

Unpublished Gil Kane Dark Force Rising comic art surfaces

Unpublished Gil Kane pencils for Dark Force Rising issue 1 back in 1997 surface.

The Last Jedi on the cover of American Cinematographer

The latest issue of American Cinematographer highlights the work of Steve Yedlin on The Last Jedi.

Solo: A Star Wars Story novelisation gets first official confirmation

As part of their announcement of their new publishing programme, Universo Geek have revealed that a novelisation for Solo: A Star Wars story will be published in Brasil in August - taking the title Han Solo much like the film, which has the title Han Solo: Uma História Star Wars in the country.

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