Alan Dean Foster interviewed at Jedi News

Steve Galloway from Jedi News interviews Alan Dean Foster. How The Last Jedi novels connects to a galaxy of Star Wars books...

Jason Fry, writing over st StarWars,com, takes a look at the links between the novel and other recently released Star wars books and comics.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny exclusive comic variants at WonderCon

IDW will be bringing five exclusive comic variants from their Forces of Destiny series to WonderCon in Anaheim on the 23rd to 25th March 2018.

Claudia Gray’s “Leia” to become a manga comic from LINE

Following on from the release of Lost Stars as "Star Wars Volume 1", LINE have announced that a Manga adaptation of Claudia Gray's "Leia" will be released as their second series.

Free Star Wars Destiny booster pack with Tabletop Gaming magazine: March 2018 Issue

Tabletop Gaming Magazine 16 comes packed with a booster set of Star Wars Destiny cards. Daniel José Older talks Last Shot catch up with author Daniel José Older to discuss Last Shot.

John Tyler Christopher action figure exclusive exclusive to Wonderworld

John Tyler Christopher brings his sixth exclusive action figure cover to Wonderworld Comics Last Shot exclusive excerpt take a look at Daniel José Older's Last Shot. How Dark Empire kickstarted Star Wars comics for a new generation

Dark Empire is 25 and take a look at this memorable and important series.

Dave Dorman to attend Portsmouth Comic Con: 5th – 6th May 2018

Dave Dorman will be attending Portsmouth Comic Con 5th - 6th May 2018.

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