Leland Chee hints at more Legends characters coming into canon

Leland Chee brings the welcome news that more Legends characters will be making their way back to the Star Wars saga.

The Last Jedi on the cover of American Cinematographer

The latest issue of American Cinematographer highlights the work of Steve Yedlin on The Last Jedi.

A ‘Star Wars’ Comic #10: Echoes

A Star Wars Comic #10 takes us to Echo Base in Echoes.

Blocks Issue 40 gets onboard the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon

Blocks 40 is out on the streets and looks at the unreal UCS Millennium Falcon.

IDW Publishing: Solicitations April 2018

IDW release their Star Wars listings for April 2018.

Star Wars Galactic Atlas just got even more beautiful

Egmont release a stunning personalised black leather gift edition of Star Wars Galactic Atlas priced at £59.99, and delivered in a wonderful deep black box.

Poker in Petaluma

Poker in Petaluma had a galactic twist at the 2017 Rancho Obi-Wan Gala.

Rolling Stone: Jedi Confidential: Inside the Dark New ‘Star Wars’ Movie

Rolling Stone looks at the production of The Last Jedi.

There may or may not be any more Jedi: Dan Zehr talks to the...

Dan Zehr of Coffee with Kenobi talks The Last Jedi with the Huffington Post (warning, minor small spoiler inside).

Book Review: The Art of the Last Jedi

Mark reviews The Art of The Last Jedi by Phil Szostak.

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