Marvel one-shot ‘Storms of Crait’ first look

An exclusive look at Storms of Crait issue one.

Daisy Ridley has no plans to play Rey beyond Episode 9

As it stands, Daisy Ridley has no plans to play Rey beyond Episode 9.

NY Times release “In a Galaxy Far, Far Away” – a chronicle of Star...

The NY Times has released a new Star Wars book, "In a Galaxy Far, Far Away." The 12" x 15" coffee table book chronicles the public and critical reception of the sci-fi film and its historical and cultural impact.

Star Wars is Everywhere #003

Marvel gives us another Star Wars refernence in our latest Star Wars is Everywhere, and this time it is appears again courtesy of Spider-Man, in Amazing Spider-Man 791.

Marvel reveal previews for upcoming Darth Vader, Aphra, and Poe ongoings

Marvel editor Heather Antos has tweeted out previews for some upcoming Star Wars comics.

Book Review: The Rebel Files (Deluxe Edition) by Daniel Wallace

We review The Rebel Files (Deluxe Edition) by Daniel Wallace, the latest deluxe in-world publication from becker&mayer!

Leland Chee hints at more Legends characters coming into canon

Leland Chee brings the welcome news that more Legends characters will be making their way back to the Star Wars saga.

Book Review: The Art of the Last Jedi

Mark reviews The Art of The Last Jedi by Phil Szostak. How IDW celebrated our favourite Princess with Star Wars: Forces of Destiny: Leia take a look at the Forces of Destiny: Leia comic.

Latest solicitations from Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics bring us their latest solicitations.

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