Skywalking Through Neverland 198: The toys that made us

Skywalking Through Neverland returns with a look at the toys that made us.

Star Wars is Everywhere #006

Well, one thing is for sure, the creative teams behind Spider-Man, Deadpool and InHumans are really fans of Star Wars, and with this we arrive at Black Bolt 008 and another reference to Saga.

How You’d Build a Death Star in Real Life

Look at this incredible CG video of how complex the construction of the Death Star by Benjamin and Isaac Botkin, and see how would be. The video has only two minutes, but it's worth it.

Get Fantha Tracks News on Alexa / Amazon Echo

You can now get Fantha Tracks on Alexa and Amazon Echo.

Mary Franklin interviewed at Lennd

Lennd catch up with ReedPOP Global Event Director, the inexhaustible Mary Franklin.

Do It Yourself – Star Wars Christmas Lights

I know I know!! We are still away from Christmas, but what about an idea to make when the date is coming?

Do It Yourself – A Lightsaber Pen for a More Civilized Age

If there is something that I like to risk doing, it is to build some things, I have already transformed a popcorn's bucket BB-8 into a lamp, for example (I will post pictures later). So I will start a series here, where I show ideas of projects, that if you have the equipment in hand, you can do it, and let's start with the Lightsaber Pen.

Today is Geeky T-Shirt Day in aid of CHAS

Assemble the troops and stand strong beside us today (Friday 2 March) as we support the charity Children’s Hospices Across Scotland.  We are taking part in their Geeky T-Shirt day to raise money for their vital hospice work.

Kathleen Kennedy and Natalie Portman discuss Times Up with Oprah

Oprah moderated a Sunday Morning TV show panel discussing the Times Up campaign with Kathleen Kennedy and Natalie Portman

Solo: A Star Wars Story: Meet the scoundrels

EW introduce us to the scoundrels of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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