Hasbro reveals from Toy Fair New York

Habro's Star Wars brand manager reveals some of the new 3 3/4" products coming in 2018, and some rather familiar packaging.

Oscar Isaac discusses The Last Jedi with GQ Style

Oscar Isaac has discussed The Last Jedi with GQ Style whilst promoting his new film Annihilation.

Hasbro reveal two Sail Barge TVC 3 3/4 inch releases for 2019

Hasbro reveal two Sail Barge characters to arrive i The Vintage Collection in 2019, Yak Face and Klaatu.

Win A Freddie Prinze Jr. Autograph from Star Wars Authentics

Win a signed Freddie Prinze Jr photo with Star Wars Authentics.

Databurst From The 501st: 18th – 24th October 2017

It's Wednesday and it's time for the latest Databurst from the 501st, brought to us by Roqoo Depot.

The Metro: 5 TV shows ‘Star Wars’ fans really want to see

What new Star Wars TV shows would fans like to see?

Speeder Bikes in New York City for Halloween

YouTube stars Jesse Wellens and Casey Neisat are back at it again with their Halloween special video

This week on ‘The Star Wars Show’ – Battlefront II’s T.J. Ramini, Star Wars:...

The Star Wars Show talk with Kathleen Kennedy -- president of Lucasfilm -- on everything happening in Star Wars right now and in the future, debut the first gameplay footage of Kylo Ren in Star Wars Battlefront II, and visit Funko headquarters.

D23 chat ‘Star Wars Rebels’ with Dave Filoni

Dave Filoni takes a look at what makes Star Wars Rebels so special.

Ron Howard tweets during ‘Solo’ post production

Ron Howard tweets us to another social media post.

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