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This latest custom began with a loose Imperial Biker Scout removable helmet, perhaps from the disguised Rebel Trooper Nik Sant (Captain Rex?) during the Battle of Endor.

I also had a plethora of headless Clone Trooper bodies rivalling in numbers to the 212th Attack Battalion employed during the Battle of Utapau. Given the 212th Battalion’s mass and diversity, it felt like the perfect place to develop this new custom figure.

There was a slight tear at the base of the helmet, possibly from a former owner trying to fit onto too large a head. I mended the helmet’s tear with some glue and to avoid future issues, decided to use simply as a non-removable head.

The Clone Trooper body had a fat neck ball joint as the home for a non-removable helmet, so this would snuggly fit and afford articulation.

To blend the helmet with his more colourful Clone Trooper body, I got to work using some narrow Tamiya masking tape and partitioned sections to be painted with a matt acrylic matching the 212th colours.

Before painting, Blu-tack was rolled into a ball, placed into the hollow helmet and mounted upon a wooden cocktail stick in a Blu-tack base.

When the paint was dry, the Tamiya masking tape was carefully removed and the helmet’s surface was sealed by spraying with a matt varnish aerosol. When dry, the helmet was removed from his stick and tack mount and fitted atop of the Clone Trooper body.

A simple use of spare parts and matching paint to produce a unique looking 212th Scout and also giving me the opportunity to use my photo booth box for the first time.