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Amongst my fodder I had a loose Myo head with his own uniquely interesting look and wanted to incorporate this part into a new custom figure.

Given the inherent combative Abyssin nature and lines of employment this fatefully led them into, I considered this new character could also be plying his trade on Tatooine, as a gun-for hire mercenary within Jabba’s Palace Guard.

Beginning with the loose Myo head, I sourced a loose Vintage Collection Weequay upper body, the part had no hands but had the right look plus the head and neck ball joint proved a good match and were clipped together.

The body was then matched with the similarly coloured loose lower torso of a Power of the Force Lando Skiff Guard disguise.

This quick and simple custom figure was almost complete but needed a suitable pair of hands which were provided courtesy of the horned Jedi Master, Saesee Tin from the Revenge of the Sith Collection.

The hands were fitted into the figures arms before painting with a matt acrylic paint to closer match the Abyssin figures apparel. Fitting the hands before painting took advantage of the arms articulation for ease of access and provided extra benefit as the perfect drying spot.

Finally complete, meet Yom, Myo’s distant cousin.