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I’ve been toying with the idea of an alternative method for displaying action figures for some time. A form affording ease of housekeeping, avoid the spacing requirements of bases but provide more stability than simply free standing.

I had considered some good old fashioned Blu-tack, however previous experience of standing back to admire the time consuming setup then realising some figures might be squint, taller or have any excess riding up their boots spoiled the look, not to mention the issues caused by the adhesiveness drying out, dust accumulation and staining surfaces, I decided this was the option for me.

While fiddling around with the figures it struck me that I could use their foot display holes but in a less visible way, magnets. This would provide the benefits I wanted whilst avoiding the negatives. I also had to consider whether I would employ a connective magnet underneath the shelf or utilise a metallic magnetic surface, I opted for the latter.

I ordered a selection of 2mmx2mm (best for the smaller holes on modern figures) and 3mmx3mm (better for the holes on vintage or retro figures) neodymium magnets, small but extremely powerful, like a bit like Master Yoda. Thankfully magnet prices were comparative with the cost of plastic disc bases.

When the magnets arrived I began by inserting some white-tack into the figures feet holes followed by the magnets. I didn’t want the permanency of glue.

This might not be provide a viable or desired solution for everyone, but I was happy with the end result.

Luke demonstrates his new found magnetic abilities by refusing to succumb once more to the gravitational forces of Cloud City, aka my bedroom door Bespin Displate art gifted to me by my good friend Grant Allan.

*Please remember to keep these magnets away from kids, pets and anything which might be adversely affected by magnetic properties. I am not sure which impact if any this method might have regards the modern figures with foot based Force-link, something to bear in mind.

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