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With each film treating fans to interesting new varieties of Imperial Military units driven by terrain, specialism or evolution, this galaxy sized sandbox blows open wide the doors of possibility for units yet to be experienced.  The realm of possibilities lends itself well to action figure customising.  Being a fan of Star Wars Military concepts, I like to explore potential specialist roles which have not yet been realised, in this case a Snowtrooper Commander.

You might recognise this figure from my first Fantha Tracks article, ‘Customising your Fandom’, which covered enjoyment of Star Wars fandom through the creative pursuit of action figure customising.  While this figure featured, his journey from parts to completed project hadn’t.

This custom figures journey began with a simple scrabble through my spare parts, unearthing a virtually complete modern Snowtrooper minus head and helmet, with a salvaged loose clone head and modern AT-ST Driver’s helmet completing the ingredients.

Setting the replacement head upon the Snowtrooper’s neck joint, I moved onto painting the AT-ST helmet a matt white acrylic paint and the visor matt black acrylic with a dash of silver metallic to resemble reflective lenses.

Operating upon the hostile Hoth tundra, it would be essential this trooper’s equipment provided him face protection.  My practice of hoarding interesting bits and bobs for re-cycling proved beneficial as I picked out a length of white ribbon.

I prepared a needle with white thread before wrapping the ribbon around my pinkie finger, a substitute for the figures head.  The first stitch was tricky but when achieved it held the ribbon in place allowing me to remove from my finger and complete sewing a seam.  Those school home economic classes, well the days which didn’t involve tampering with each other’s ovens and burning cakes, proved beneficial after all.

When stitching was complete, excess was trimmed and the ribbon was turned inside out.  This was then fitted snuggly down around the figures head and neck providing a protective mask.  The freshly painted and dried AT-ST helmet was then placed upon his head and completing the figure.

This Snowtrooper Commander would perform the role of a high ranking trooper/low ranking officer, the thinker in the thick of it, bridging the gap between brass and brawn.