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Our sharing buddies over at Nerdist bring us the first look at the new range of Hot Wheels Battle Rollers, bringing the super deformed style to their range.

“Jedi! Super-deform, and roll out! But don’t get cocky… your heads are big enough already!”

That, as we may imagine, would be the order given to the Star Wars Battle Rollers, a new Hot Wheels sub-line from Mattel that uses ball bearings to extend each vehicle’s momentum. Nerdist has obtained the first look at these wacky, wobbling racers, which you can see below.

All vehicles come in try-me packaging that keeps the toy safe while allowing it to roll side-to-side within the plastic blister. They’re certain to catch the eye of your pet porg, or whatever other curious animal you may share your domicile with. And at $7.99, they’re easy to collect.

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