Hot Wheels: Hot Wheels Starships in “Follow the Millennium Falcon”

The opening scene in this stop motion space adventure reveals a Super Star Destroyer and other Star Destroyers just outside of the planet Hoth’s orbit. Down on the surface the Millennium Falcon is parked in a snow cave with Rebel Snowspeeders and Luke’s Red 5 X-Wing. The Snowspeeders fire up and go after some AT-ATs. The momentum of the battle is intense with the Millennium Falcon on top of the Star Destroyers and Tie Fighters on his tail. Up ahead an asteroid field complicates things. Stay tuned to the end to see the impossible maneuverings of these intrepid space explorers.

The Star Wars™ Hot Wheels® Starships™ include:
Millennium Falcon
X-Wing Red 5
Vader’s Super Star Destroyer
TIE Fighter (Blue)
Boba Fett’s Slave 1
Rebel Snowspeeder
Cloud Car
Star Destroyer

Hot Wheels Star Wars Character Cars The Mandalorian
  • Hot Wheels Star Wars Character Cars The Mandalorian