After the amazing discovery of the hardcopies of the vintage Kenner Action Figures by Matt Fox of May The Toys Be With You fame it’s fantastic to see more come to light from the same source.  Roger Morrison was the former Palitoy tooling manager who kept these after the doors long shut on the former toy making site in Leicester.  The hardcopies are slightly larger than the production figures to allow for shrinkage.  This article should be required reading for any action figure collector.

There will be three hardcopies available which have been authenticated and cased by UKG toy graders.  All come with a certificate of authenticity and are estimated to be worth between £6000-12000 although that’s likely to be a little low.  They will go to auction on April 30th with the whole catalogue coming online early April.

First up is everybody’s favourite Majordomo – Bib Fortuna

Next we have my favourite the awesome Emperor’s Royal Guard

And finally we have Logray

It’s also nice to see a great selection of Trilogo carded figures in the same auction and there are sure to be a lot more to suit all budgets..

A word of warning to any potential buyers however.  I personally would not be willing to take a gamble on these hardcopies surviving any journey in the post in those acrylic cases so you’re best collecting or asking for them to be cracked out.