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Comics With Kenobi Episode 37 is here and there’s plenty to be thankful for when it came to Marvel’s November slate of Star Wars comics, including a pair of double-dips for the Star Wars and Darth Vader series. Reading Poe Dameron gave us all kinds of feels, especially if you harbor affection for not just Leia Organa, but Padme Amidala.

Meanwhile, Alex Ray and Jim Mello struck gold with their latest issue of A Star Wars Comic where a Gonk droid serves as the focal point of a certain view from A New Hope. It’s a shame the series is drawing to a close, but we’ve got high hopes they’ll find a way to keep it going.

Speaking of creators, it’s official: Otis Frampton’s quest to get Jawa Adventures into IDW Publishing’s Star Wars Adventures is a go. Look for a variant cover and backup story in issue #8 next year. Be sure to check the Previews catalog on Dec. 20 for the order codes.

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