Blues Harvest and a tribute to Willrow Hood: ‘Keep On Running’

Empire40 took place this past weekend and along with over 11 hours of content, including interviews, panels, quizzes and more, it also saw the premiere of new music from bands including Blues Harvest, who bring us this awesome version of ‘Keep On Running’.

We’re currently celebrating 40 years of many people’s favourite Star Wars movie – The Empire Strikes Back. It’s the film that introduced us to the galaxy’s most renowned ice-cream man… Willrow Hood!

So enjoy our cover version of ‘Keep on Running’ by the Spencer Davis Group, in tribute to our Willbro’s at the Willrow Hood Detachment who bring smiles to the faces of everyone who sees them at every Star Wars Celebration (and many other events).

This video was specially created for Farthest From, The UK Star Wars Retro Toy Show, who’s ‘Empire40’ event today has been spectacular – do visit their channel for plenty more Star Wars goodness 🙂

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