Disney Vault content on Disney+ – will this include “lost” Star Wars content ?

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Bob Iger mentioned at the Disney Shareholder meeting that Disney Vault content will be made available on Disney+.

The door to the Disney Vault will open once and for all after the company launches its upcoming streaming service, Disney+.

At some point “fairly soon after launch,” Disney+ will feature the studio’s entire motion picture library, even films “which have traditionally been kept in a vault,” CEO Bob Iger announced Thursday at the company’s investor meeting in St. Louis, Missouri.

The notion of the vault refers to the company’s long-held marketing strategy where films are only made available for purchase on DVD and VHS for short periods of time. Television commercials for the company’s films often ended with a tag encouraging users to buy the film on DVD or VHS “before it goes back into the Disney Vault.” Prior to the rise of DVD and VHS, Disney kept films “in the vault” between their initial release and a subsequent re-release in theaters.

Iger didn’t specify if the vault strategy would still be utilized for home releases.

This begs the questions as to whether “lost” Star Wars content, that has not seen the light of day in some time, will appear on the platform.  I am thinking of specifically of the Droids and Ewoks cartoons, the Ewok movies, the Star Wars Holiday Special, and content never broadcast such as Star Wars Detours.  What “lost” Star Wars content would you like to see again ?