Here at Fantha Tracks we love to bring you exclusives and this one is no exception. After some extensive scanning through the Empire Magazine coverage of The Last Jedi, Fantha Tracks spotted a familiar looking wrinkly space creature, who we believe to be the animal otherwise known as Space Gary Fisher.

Curiosity got the better of us and instead of speculating we decided to ask Rian Johnson if this is who we think it is?


As you can see, he replied to me immediately with the confirmation, that this wrinkly creature is indeed Space Gary!


Carrie Fisher fans across the world will appreciate this nod to her trusty companion in the movie. As The Last Jedi approaches and Leia fans prepare themselves for Carrie’s last appearance as General Leia we at Fantha Tracks salute Rian for his inclusion of this wrinkly yet adorable creature.

Porgs?????? Who needs Porgs when there’s a new alien in town, or should I say Canto Bight!