Official summary: The Mandalorian and Child travel to an ancient site.


Tython pretty much looks the same as it always did in sources like The Old Republic. The Temple with Seeing Stone is new, and looks like a cross between Stonehenge and the stairs of the Massassi Temple on Yavin Four.

It is time to drink up again in the Fantha Tracks Blue Milk Drinking Game, as Dank Farrik was this time uttered by Din Djarin as a cry of excitement.

The Seeing Stone has runes on it that appear to be ur-Kittât, or the Old Tongue. While this language is the more commonly associated with the Sith (the dagger of Episode IX and the Malachor Temple from Rebels had it), it has been seen on Jedi structures as well like the Lothal Jedi Temple (again in Rebels) and is more a precursor runic language to Aurebesh. For a full detailed evolution on this script visit Thread Reader App.

Boba Fett is back! And his line of just being “a simple man making his way through the galaxy” is close to that what Temuera Morrison said as Jango to Obi-Wan in Attack of the Clones: “I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.”.

With Boba’s return the debate about whether Boba and Jango are Mandalorians can finally be put to rest. Jango is for sure a Mandalorian, he is said to be a foundling and that he fought in the Mandalorian Civil Wars (probably the same conflict that divided Death Watch and the Mandalorians under Satine’s rule). While the question remains if he took the Creed, it seems likely. The other question is what Jango did that made Almec angry enough to disavow him with his comment to Obi-Wan in The Clone Wars: “Jango Fett was a common bounty hunter. How he acquired that armor is beyond me.”

In fact according to Boba, Jango was given his armor by Din’s forebears (or ancestors) who then passed it along to him. Which is something we saw in The Clone Wars, but also in the young adult novel series Boba Fett, in which he had it refitted (book 4: Hunted) and repainted (book 6: Pursuit).

Boba however says he did not take the Creed and gives his allegiance to no one. He is an exact clone, and when he shows his chain code, Din Djarin does accept it that the armor belongs to Boba. Din earlier showed that it is in his opinion that such armor only belongs with an actual Mandalorian. So there may be no need to take the Creed to be still considered as a Mandalorian.

Jango being a Foundling is something that still fits with Jaster Mereel finding Jango on Concord Dawn in the Legends comic book series Jango Fett: Open Seasons. In fact the code chain mentions Concord Dawn and a mentor named Jaste, before the chain cuts off.

Talking about the chain code, the armor has encoded Boba’s chain code for 25 years. Now we have seen Boba wearing the armor, albeit partially, in The Clone Wars, and 25 years match roughly speaking the time between TCW (war lasted from 22 BBY till 19 BBY) and Return of the Jedi (4 ABY) with a couple of years left for the time spend from RotJ to The Mandalorian. Still it is probably just a rough estimate from Boba to say 25 years.

Fennec Shand also returns, saved by Boba Fett as seen at the end of Chapter 5. She is now partially a cyborg with a machine keeping her alive placed around her abdomen.

A new troop carrier ship has been added to the arsenal of the Empire. They look a lot like the AAL-1971/9.1 Troop Transports used by the First Order in the Sequels, and considering that the First Order improved upon Imperial models, it is reasonably safe to assume that this model in The Mandalorian was the predecessor to the one used by the First Order. The two main differences are the cockpit on top that is added to the First Order model, while the Empire’s featured a laser turret at the side.

Also new is the Mortar Stormtrooper, with yellow stripes in the same style as the red lined incinerator troopers from season 1. They were first revealed in an official released standee by Advanced Graphics in October.

His father’s clone: It is not just the line that Boba repeats, but he also mimics Jango when he holsters his blaster with a twirl when the stormtroopers are in full retreat. Jango did the same in Attack of the Clones after he had shot the Jedi Coleman Trebor who had jumped onto the balcony where Jango stood with Dooku, Poggle the Lesser and the Neimoidians.

Identified first by audio description in Chapter 12, the Dark Troopers are a nice reference to the ones seen in the beloved Kyle Katarn game Dark Forces. There were three phases, with the Phase 3 being the one that we see in the episode. It was originally a droid/exoskeleton that was meant to be the next armor upgrade for stormtroopers. The Phase 3 dark trooper was also the inspiration for the DT-series sentry droid as seen in The Wynkahthu Job (Rebels 3×09) and Through Imperial Eyes (Rebels 3×17).

The Empire is back – Shand tells Boba that this cannot be and that the Outer Rim is under New Republic jurisdiction. However this is a bit curious for her to say as Tython is a Deep Core world, something that can even be seen on the Razor Crest’s navigational screen (see below Aurebesh translations).

The term spice dream is new and seems to refer to drug-induced hallucinations.

The medallion that Cara Dune received in Chapter 12 is now explained as being a New Republic Marshal Badge, which brings to mind the classic Sheriff badge from western movies.

There are two profiles for a Torbill Danzin in the records of Cara, one of them a human male and one a Tusken Raider. Sunspot Prison appeared as a high-security prison in the Star Wars comic series issues 16-19. The Wobani Penitentiary is the one Jyn was freed from in Rogue One.

Also there was again some Aurebesh to translate: