Watch 95 Lego Star Wars droids perform the Star Wars theme

Imagine the incredible awesomeness of watching 95 classically trained LEGO droids, including R2 units, GNK and Mouse droids playing the main theme to Star Wars. Dream no longer as we’re about to bring you the reality in this incredible video by musician Sam Battle.

The tremendously technical performance look 3,148 hours of planning, 42 instruments and 95 classically-trained Lego droids.

Making up the talented tiny orchestra, is a sea of 46 R2-D2s, 25 Gonk droids and 24 mouse droids. And sitting among the intricate Lego bricks are four cellos, ten violins, eight xylophones, eight keyboards and a spectacular percussion section ranging from electric drums to gongs and chimes.

The self-playing orchestra is driven by the touch of an iPad button, which directs all the Lego pieces to play the instruments based on computer instructions.

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