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The folks over at Retro Gamer have put together a careful collection of amazing articles and photos covering some of the amazing points in eighties retro fandom, shedding light on Kenner, VHS and most of all Star Wars.

Australia usually gets these great mags around 3 months after UK and US distribution, but are always a treasure chest of things to check out. How many times have you seen photos of things you wished you had in the eighties and then find all there is to know about it? Well, here you’ll find that.

We’ll get to Star Wars in a second but you’ll find all the usual retro suspects here: He-Man, Ninja Turtles, Care Bears, Rubik’s Cube the list goes on. Also gamers are covered with NES and SEGA master system.

For you Fantha Trackers the first 10 pages or so covers the golden age of Star Wars covering the conception, collecting and just what made all of it so special.

Be sure to check out “The Ultimate Retro Collection” at your local newsagent.