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Our occasional guest contributor Numidian Prime brings us Saved By The Retcon, a list of all the characters who have been retconned into the Star Wars saga, folding in characters from literature and RPG material who are now a part of the canon saga.

Here’s a look at the characters retconned into The Empire Strikes Back, 40 years old in just 2 months time.

Beryl Chiffonage was created by West End Games as the technician who devises the harpoon and tow cable tactic used at Hoth. He was later identified as one of the extras at the base by Insider. The same game also created Ledick Firest, who was made on the rebel fighters in the film by Fact File.

Rogues Gallery also tied a handful of the pilots at Leia’s briefing into Expanded Universe characters:

The Rogue Squadron pilot Will Scotian, created for the Shadows of the Empire novel and its WEG sourcebook

Tarrin Datch, whose first name comes from the radio drama and last comes from West End Games

Tank Lenso, wholly from West End Games

Gemmer Sojan, from the classic Marvel Star Wars comic

Brandei, an Imperial officer originally from Heir to the Empire, was retconned into one of the officers on the Executor by the Customizable Card Game.