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It really is all about the smugglers right now, with Solo: A Star Wars Story and Smugglers Run grabbing the headlines, and over at StarWars.com the punmeister general James Floyd talks to two of the artists behind Star Wars: Smuggler’s Guide, Javier Charro and Adrián Rodríguez.

Drawing the kinda-baddies feels good.

The main focus of the book is on adventures of scoundrels, pirates, and criminals in the Star Wars universe — some of the most appealing characters for fans, but also interesting for artists. “[They] are my favorite characters of all, probably because they move more into the gray — neither the good, nor the bad,” Charro says. “They act more as individuals with their own morality and I think that that is a very interesting and important role in Star Wars, where the light side and dark side are so powerful.”

“Personally, I like to work with these kinds of characters,” adds Rodríguez, “because they are more interesting than others. The ships, the costumes, and the different types of species allow me to play a little bit more with their appearance.”