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The book arrives on 11th June, it’s written by Alexander Freed and is the first part of a trilogy of books and part of a crossover event with Marvel Comics in the form of the TIE Fighter series. Now, Del Rey give us a look at four of the pilots of Alphabet Squadron, flying in A-Wings, Y-Wings, U-Wings and B-Wings.

The team is brought together by General Hera Syndulla, and we’ve already met X-Wing pilot Yrica Quell. Now we meet U-Wing pilot Kairos.

Next up is B-Wing pilot Chass, who we’re told keeps a collection of music in her B-wing to listen to (and sing-a-long with) during battle and one of her fallen heroes is Jyn Erso.

Next we have Y-Wing pilot Nath Tensent who was the lone survivor of his unit. And the culprits? None other than Shadow Wing.

We wrap up this look at the Alphabet Squadron pilots with Wyl Lark, who we’re told his favorite part of Dooku: Jedi Lost is definitely the part with the dragon.

Alphabet Squadron (Star Wars)
  • Alexander Freed
  • Publisher: Del Rey
  • Hardcover: 416 pages