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Well how about this? Unpublished artwork from the Dark Horse adaptation of Dark Force Rising by the legendary late Gil ‘Green Lantern / Atom / Iron Fist’ Kane, and inked by the inkers inker Kevin Nowlan.

As Dark Horse fans know, the version of Dark Force Rising that was released featured art by Terry Dodson, and inks by Nowlan. Ted Latner at Comics Fun explains the background to the change.

Gil Kane was scheduled to draw the Star Wars: Dark Force Rising mini-series for Dark Horse. He penciled 16 pages of the first issue (some partially inked by Kevin Nowlan), but then stopped working on it (I believe due to scheduling conflicts).

All of the 16 pages are now on display here.

Page 1      Page 2      Page 3      Page 4      Page 5      Page 6      Page 7      Page 8

Page 9      Page 10    Page 11    Page 12    Page 13    Page 14    Page 15    Page 16

Special thanks to Kevin Nowlan for the scan of page 3 and Matt Caruso for the Xerox copy of page 12. Enjoy!