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The Star Wars movie series is legendary. Many people are inspired by this story, seeing in it a call to fight evil and injustice. They want to be like wise and strong Jedi, and this is the right approach. Following this link https://www.bestadvisor.com/dvd-players, you can choose the best DVD player to watch your favorite movie again, and in the meantime, we will talk about ideas its heroes can teach their fans.

Trace the Origin of the Conflicts of Humankind and Analyze Today’s Reality

“This film is a terrific material for analyzing the deep psychological layers of our culture and our consciousness,” said Catherine Newmark, a journalist and cultural analyst, who works for the Institute of Philosophy of the Free University of Berlin. Like everything that comes from Hollywood, this film is an exact reflection a certain mentality and perspective on current political events. It has always been this way: for example, in the first series of the saga, one can easily find the echoes of Vietnam or the Cold War.

Trust Your Intuition

Human intuition is the idea that we can sometimes “feel” things outside the usual physical, material level of sensations. When Luke loses a hand in Cloud City, he uses his intuition to let his sister Leia know that he is in trouble. When a child tries in this way to understand what his family member feels, no matter how right or wrong he is. Because, performing this exercise, he develops an important skill – empathy.

Understand That the Dark Side Is Not Stronger – It Is Easier and More Seductive

Hurt is easier than doing something good. Thinking about the bad is easier than tuning in to a positive wave. Anxiety, doubts, experiences bind us. We face it every day and get used to negative thoughts.

The Star Wars teach how to control your mind. This film helps to start something new with the confidence that everything will work out and be open to new things. The Jedi philosophy is a philosophy of light and positive thinking. This is a teaching about decision making and living in harmony with oneself and those around you.

Reject Absolutism

We often tend to live in a black or white world. We often say that life is like a zebra: it has black and white stripes. In practice, this is, for example, about Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals. We are blindly connected with our countries, religions, political parties and cultural groups, not realizing that the best solutions to world problems often lie in the center – inside shades of gray. This is because bad is never 100% bad. There is always a little joy, hope, or at least a bright sadness. Heroes of the film teach to see good even in seemingly bad things and events. They call for giving a chance to people whom you first thought to be strangers and allow yourself to enjoy small setbacks as lessons for the future.

Remain Spiritual in the Age of Technology

The Star Wars universe is not at all the heartless world of hi-tech. “Star Wars” is different from many other fictional worlds, where, as a rule, a person fights with machines. Star Wars Galaxies are inhabited by cute robots and soulless people, and the Highest Power rules over all. The saga offers a solution to one of the key conflicts in our world: reconciliation of technical and humane beginnings. It gives the answer to the question of how to preserve spirituality in the technogenic world.