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Tune in tomorrow at 7.40pm GMT for a special episode of Desert Planet Discs, where Carl and Greig sit down for a chat with a very special musical guest.

Join Carl and Greig for this special episode of Desert Planet Discs as they chat with musician, actor, broadcaster and Star Wars fan, the Wayward Sons and former Gun and LIttle Angels frontman Toby Jepson, about his career and love for the galaxy far, far away.

Over the course of the show we’ve featured music and interviews from bands and acts including Blues Harvest, Darth Elvis and the Imperials, Emily Dolan Davies, Galactic Empire, Din from F-105, YSSY, JT Music, Nerf Herder, Royish Good Looks, Ice2Ice, Samuel Kim Music, Auralnauts and many more.

Check out the Fantha Tracks Radio landing page, where you will find each of our shows as well as the Fantha Tracks Radio masterfeed, collating all 5 of our shows (and there are more to come).

We’re scouring the galaxy for great music, but we’re always looking for more. Send your suggestions to radio@fanthatracks.com and permission permitting we’ll play some of them on the show.

See you at 7.40pm!

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