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Welcome to episode 77.1 of Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels: Becoming Senator Amidala. On this episode, Dennis and Jay examine the transition of Queen Amidala to Senator Amidala as Padme’s term as Queen of Naboo ends and her service in the Galactic Senate begins as outlined in E.K. Johnston’s Queen’s Shadow. Jay and Dennis have differing opinions on this novel, but they find common ground to discuss the evolution of one of the most important people in Star Wars.
Becoming Senator Amidala
During their review of Queen’s Shadow, Jay and Dennis discuss:

Padme’s last days as the Queen of Naboo and accepting the position of Senator from Naboo,
The role of the handmaidens as Padme’s protectors and support staff,
The tie-ins to The Clone Wars,
Padme’s eavesdropping mission during Mon Mothma’s party and whether it was an appropriate use of the Handmaidens and an appropriate action by Padme,
Padme’s relationship to Bail and Breha Organa,
Other recent canon material featuring Padme, including Padme Amidala #1, and
The Mid Rim Cooperation Act.

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