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Welcome to episode 80.2 of Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels: The Droids You’re Looking For. Darth Taxus can’t make it to the show, so Dennis and Jay take advantage of a slow Star Wars news week to discuss their favorite droid moments and pick an overall best droid moment.
From Artoo and Threepio to BB-8, K-2SO, and L3-37
In this Scoundrels Special Edition, Dennis and Jay discuss:

The best Star Wars moments from A New Hope and the rest of the original trilogy,
The greatest moments (mostly featuring Artoo), from the prequels,
The best droid scenes (usually involving BB-9) from the sequels, and
The best of K-2SO and L3-37 from Rogue One and Solo.
Once they go through each category, Dennis and Jay pick an overall winner for the best droid moment.

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