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Welcome to episode 81.2 of Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels: Prophecy. On this episode, Dennis, Jay, and Darth Taxus resume their conversation about Claudia Gray’s Master & Apprentice. When episode 81 ended, Jay hadn’t had an opportunity to discuss the role of prophecy in the novel. Well, now she has her chance.
Prophecy in Master & Apprentice
Prophecy played a huge role in Master & Apprentice. In this Scoundrel Special Edition, the Scoundrels discuss:

The prophecy of the chosen one,
Whether the prophecies are predictions that actually came true,
Whether the prophecies actually came true,
If any of the events in the prophecies have yet to happen,
Whether the Scoundrels actually believe in these prophecies, and
The Discussion Continues
Episode 81.2 won’t be the last time that “prophecy” comes up on the show. It is destined to come up in conversation in the future. The Scoundrels want to know what Scoundrel Nation thinks. So, after listening to the show, drop them an email or contact them at any of their social media links below.

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