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Star Wars News – Daisy Ridley and More
After some introductory comments, the Scoundrels turn to the news. This week’s topics include:

The dwindling supply of tickets for Star Wars Celebration.
Mark Hamill’s comments on Luke in future movies.
Keri Russell’s reaction to The Rise of Skywalker script.
The San Diego Comic Con cover for Thrawn: Treason.
A new LEGO Star Wars game; and
Daisy Ridley’s many talents and comments on The Rise of Skywalker.
Rey – Embracing Destiny
In the “Hyperthetical” segment, Dennis, Jay, and Taxus take a closer look at Rey and her journey. They discuss:

The one word that describes Rey in general,
Rey’s character flaw,
What caused Rey to take up the cause of the Resistance,
When did Rey change her mind about Kylo and why, and
What the future might hold for Rey.
The Scoundrels will be revisiting these stories in future episodes.

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